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Not every disability is visible

That’s why we made the DID card- a Nationally recognised Disabled Identification Card.

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Disabled Identification (DID) Card

Leave your paperwork at home

The National Disabled Identification (DID) Card was introduced as an alternative for disabled people who were tired of constantly having to carry their paperwork proving they were entitled to some form of disability benefit in order to obtain a concessionary rate. In particular parents of children with disabilities and special needs, whose children’s disability is not immediately obvious, such as autistic and global developmental delay.

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We are more than just an identification card, we are committed to helping individuals or groups to achieve ordinary things and some extraordinary things in their lives.

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Leave your paperwork at home. This new style ID card is easy and simple and just one card!

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Disabled Identification (DID) Card

What can the DID card do for you?

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The aim of the National DID Card is to remove the need for individuals to carry their paper documentation with them at all times. The card will have a photograph of the cardholder and will only be issued to disabled people who are in receipt of some form of disability allowance or medical evidence to support your application.